Headlines 2016

The courage to dissent

Sarah C. Baldwin MIT News

For graduate student Amanda Rothschild, political science meets personal history in her studies of how the United States responds to genocide.

Electing to vote or not

Sarah C. Baldwin

Ariel White: Understanding how government, policies, and people affect voting behavior

From Babylon to Baudelaire and Back: A scholar heeds the call of family history

Sarah C. Baldwin MIT Political Science

When Marsin Alshamary arrived at Wellesley, in 2009, she had several years of French under her belt and a burning love of literature. Four years later she graduated — with honors — with a BA not only in French, but in international relations as well. The following year, she joined MIT’s political science department as a PhD candidate in comparative politics and international relations. She was in the process, to paraphrase Friedrich Nietzsche, of becoming who she was.

Examining Accountability Through the Lens of Local Politics

Sarah C. Baldwin

“All politics is local,” Thomas “Tip” O’Neill famously said. If the former Speaker of the House were alive today, chances are he would approve of the work of Justin de Benedictis-Kessner. Not only does the doctoral candidate in political science focus on local politics, he does it in the very city O’Neill represented for more than three decades.